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Biopsy Post-Operative Instructions

It is important to keep your post operative appointment so our team of Surgeons may review your biopsy results and to check on healing.
1. If you notice persistent bleeding from the biopsy site, maintain pressure over the site with dampened gauze for 45-60 minutes. If bleeding is persistent, reduce activities and rest while keeping your head elevated.

2. The area where the procedure was performed will typically remain numb for several hours. To minimize any discomfort following this procedure, please use the prescribed medications after having a small amount of food. Some soreness is expected following this procedure. This discomfort should decrease each day and you may be able to substitute a milder pain medication for the one that was prescribed.

3. If our team prescribed an antibiotic following your surgery please take on the specified dosing schedule. If you develop severe cramping and/or diarrhea please notify the office. If you are on birth control pills, please be advised that antibiotics and other medications can and may neutralize the preventive effect of birth control pills, allowing for conception and pregnancy. Please consult your physician to initiate additional forms of birth control during the period of treatment.

4. Sutures were placed to control bleeding and to aid in the healing process. Do not lift or pull up your lip to look at the stitches. The sutures will usually dissolve in 5-10 days.

5. Do not rinse your mouth the day of surgery. The day following surgery we recommend rinsing frequently with warm salt water.

6. We recommend a soft diet and liquids for a few days or until you feel comfortable to return to your normal diet.

7. Do not smoke. Smoking inhibits healing.
Our team of Surgeons and their staff wish you a smooth and pleasant recovery. Following these instructions will assist in your post operative healing. If you have any questions please call the office during office hours for a faster response. A 24-hour answering service is available for after hours contact with the doctor